skylight or solar tubes

Skylights Vs. Solar Tubes. Which One is Right For You?

It can be challenging to open up your home to more natural light—curtains and windows can only do so much, after all. You might be thinking of skylights then, or maybe solar tubes. They can both open up your home while providing more sunlight. Before you hire Orlando skylight installers, the main question is which one will be right for you?

Skylights Vs. Solar Tubes

Skylights are basically large windows atop your home that allow you to look directly into the sky. You can vent them, shade them, or filter them.

Then you’ve got solar tubes, also known as light tubes or sun tunnels. Solar tubes are much less obvious: they’re little tubes that run from your roof and into your home, letting sunlight inside. You can’t see the sky out of these tubes, but they are less expensive options, energy-efficient, and don’t let as much heat into your home.

So, which one is right for you?


Skylight Advantages

Skylights are well-loved for providing tons of ambient light into your home, more than a sun tube. If you get a skylight that opens, you can also open it to let in some air.

A skylight adds a lot to your home, which is why homes with skylights tend to have a higher resale value. A skylight is unlikely to leak too, so if it rains, you’ll be able to watch the rain without worrying about any issues. The only exception to this is if they’re installed improperly.

With so much extra sunlight and a view of the sky, any small room will seem larger too. More sunlight also means you’ll get more heat or ventilation through your home.

Skylight Disadvantages

Skylights are made using lightweight and open materials, but with so much surface area, a lot of sunlight tends to leak in. You’ll have to pay extra to insulate them more against the sun’s heat. 

It’s also true that it’s much more challenging to get a skylight installed. Pieces of the roof will need to be cut to make space for it. It will have to be reinforced to sit on your roof safely, which professional skylight installers like us can help you with.

Solar Tubes

Solar tubes cost less to install, not to mention that it’s a lot less effort to install them when you don’t need to redo any drywall, reframe, or paint.

Solar Tube Advantages

Solar tubes are easier to install compared to skylights, and the whole job will maybe take as little as two hours and as long as half a day. The tube simply runs through your roof and ends in a piece that’s similar to a light fixture—so you will not end up with rain leaking into your home.

They are more affordable, and with less surface area, will not let in as much heat into your home. You won’t need to redo much of the inside of your home either.

Solar Tube Disadvantages

Solar tubes don’t let in as much sunlight as skylights, and because they don’t, they will not significantly impact the resale value of your home. Even though they will not let rain into your home, it’s possible that you might end up dealing with some condensation.  


Which option you choose depends on your needs and preferences. No matter which one you get, you’ll let more light into your home with both options while enhancing the look of your home.

Call us today to chat with us about your questions and considerations. We’ll be glad to help you make the right decision for your home.