Skylight Installation Central Florida

Skylight Installation

At Clear-Vue Skylights, we have a vast selection of skylights and roof windows. Although skylight installation requires more skill than your average residential window replacement; the experts at Clear-Vue Skylights have you covered.

Velux Skylights

For several years, Velux has been a worldwide leader in manufacturing skylights and roof windows. Velux continuously strives to provide the most energy efficient and reliable day lighting products on the market. For these reasons, Clear-Vue Skylights partners with Velux brand products to bring you the ultimate in luxury and affordability. When you decide on a Velux skylight, you can feel confident your home will be protected from the Florida weather conditions. Velux products are accessible to consumers, builders, and architects throughout the United States. In addition, they sell a complete range of blinds, electronic accessories, shades, and solar panels.

What Skylight Will Be Best For My House

Having to decide on the right skylight to use in your home can be challenging. However, Clear-Vue Skylights provides both decks and curb mounted skylights. Curb mounted skylights are usually installed onto wooden platforms, or curb so the builder can build around the opening on your roof. Deck mounted skylight seals are nailed directly onto the roof deck to guarantee a low-profile and energy-efficient installation. A deck mounted skylight is the best for slightly steeper roof pitches, between 14 and 85 degrees. At Clear-Vue Skylights we will measure your roof pitch and decide which option will be best for you.

Skylight Installation

Skylight installation is a technical job which requires strict adherence to measurement details. Because of the exact measurements necessary for proper installation, our team of certified installers understands how vital their job is. Our team of professionals guarantees your windows match the requirements of the Velux skylight warranty. Central Florida Skylight installers follow detailed instructions provided by Velux in regards to flashing, deck seal, and adhesive underlayment. Between the three layers of leak protection, you will feel confident your home will stay dry. Just as Clear-Vue Skylights stands by our customer service, Velux stands by their products with a 10-year no leak guarantee.

Do you want to add more sunlight and fresh air into your home? Velux solar powered skylights have a solar panel that captures available sunlight to power the opening mechanism. Therefore, you will be able to open and close your skylight using your solar power with no necessary wiring. The solar panel-fueled battery operator and control system is entirely concealed. This feature is available for both curb and deck mounted installations. With Velux solar powered skylights, you will have the option to qualify for a 30% tax credit on both the skylight itself and the installation.

Installation Service with Clear-Vue Skylights

Once you have purchased your skylight, let our team of experienced installers complete the skylight installation on your behalf. We complete all of our projects like they are our own. So, you can you be assured that you’ll job will get done correctly. Give us a call to find out more information about our installation services.