where to position skylight

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Location for Your New Skylight

Installing a skylight in your home is a great way to allow more natural light to flow into your home. In addition, it helps to make your home seem bigger and gives you an excellent view of the sky above. You might think that your best bet is to simply pick the highest part of your ceiling for your skylight installation, but there’s a lot to consider before you decide where exactly to place your skylight. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Best Location for Your New Skylight

Don’t just place your skylight anywhere since the right location can make a significant difference. You’ve got many options when it comes to location, but here are some things to consider before you make your choice.


Wherever you place your skylight, you need to think about the direction of the skylight and the sunlight. 

If your skylight is facing the south, that will give you more sunlight throughout the day, which can mean you’ll get more heat. You can get an energy-efficient skylight with solar reflective glazing to help with the heat, but if you don’t want too much sunlight, facing the north would give you more consistent but less harsh sunlight.

If you prefer the morning sun, try to place your skylights to the east.

Energy Savings

You should also consider your energy bills as you think of the direction and type of sunlight you want. If you have a skylight letting in a lot of direct sunlight, you’ll get a lot of heat and higher energy costs unless you go for reflective glazing. That’s a higher cost as well, so you may want to consider a spot that lets in less direct heat.


If you happen to have trees above your home, that’s something that you should try to envision when you’re placing your skylight. You can potentially get your trees trimmed, but if you don’t want to, or simply can’t, you’ll want to make sure that you position your skylight where nothing is obstructing it.


You might want to avoid placing your skylight on the part of your roof that faces the streets. They can end up looking awkward in this kind of a position, depending on the type of home you have.

When you’re thinking about the interior of your home, try to align your skylight with a window, door, dining table, or some other element of your home. This can provide you with a comfortable angle from a design perspective.


You can place your skylight in a room where you want to receive a lot of sunlight and make it appear larger. Especially if your space is a little smaller, the correct strategic placement can get every spot of your room naturally illuminated by sunlight.

You can experiment with the shape of the skylight in this case since the shape of your skylight will control where the light goes.

Statement Placement

You can also consider making a design statement with the positioning of your skylight. For example, placing a skylight above a stairwell or in a bathroom can add a moment of calm to your daily life.


There’s a lot to think about when it comes to placing your skylight. It’s more than just trying to get sunlight flowing into your home. You’d want to consider other factors before installation starts to make the process smoother. If you have any doubts, give us a call so we can give you some advice and help you get the most out of your skylight.