Green Skylights

Bedroom Skylights

Location, Location, Location

The addition of a well-placed skylight in your home or business can add natural light and warmth to your space. Depending on your selection, you can also enjoy fresh air from your skylight! The placement of you skylight can greatly impact your benefits. For example, homes in warm climates can suffer a great deal of heat build-up when a skylight with eastern or southern exposure is installed. However, with the right quality skylight cover you can avoid summer sun and enjoy extra warmth in the winter.

The quality of light can also be impacted by your skylight selection and placement. Skylights with northern exposure can reduce the amount of heat that builds up in your home, but will provide less intense light.


More Than Light

Skylights with solar powered opening mechanisms are an excellent way to vent out the warm, stuffy air that rises in your home. You can manage the opening and closing of a self-contained solar powered skylight either via remote, or place it on a timer for automatic venting.

Installation Risks

The slope of your roof must be taken into consideration for ideal placement of your skylight. If the pitch of your roof is too shallow, the skylight placement can be angled for optimum light with minimum heat build-up.

Additionally, moisture control is critical. Professional installation of any skylight you choose is critical to avoid extreme heat buildup, damage to your home and belongings because of sun fading, and water leaks.

Getting The Terminology Right

Skylights are sometimes called roof windows, but this terminology is not interchangeable. Roof windows can be easily reached from inside the home; skylights cannot. This is why vented skylights generally require a power source to open and close.

A Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Skylights come in wide array of shapes and sizes. In addition, while most skylight technology lights the room directly below the roof, it is possible to add a skylight to a dim area far from the roof surface using a tubular light. These skylights pass daylight down a long reflective tube into the space that needs daylight. While these skylights are fixed under a clear dome and can’t be vented, they are an excellent option for low-light areas in your home.

A professionally installed skylight is a terrific way to add value and sunshine to your home. With the right materials and expert handling, your skylight can brighten dim corners, add warmth in winter and protect your home and belongings from sun fading.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Pays for itself in a short amount of time
  • 30% Feredal Tax Credit Available

Our clients are amazed at how much light their homes are filled with and the reduction in their energy bills since the installation of their skylights. Natural light reduces the need for artificial light,which reduces energy costs and pays for itself in a relatively short amount of time.

As an added benefit, currently a 30% Federal Tax Credit is available for customers who decide to “go green”. Contact us now and lock in the tax credit before it runs out.

Our VELUX skylights all carry an NFRC label, certifying that our products function to help keep cool in the summer, warm in the winter, keep out wind and resist condensation. If you have further questions watch the video below or call us today!