Types of Skylight Available for your Property

If you’re thinking about renovating or building your property, then you should think about getting natural daylight into your home. The design options are limitless when it comes to skylights. If you want to create a living or dining space that your household will enjoy, there are four types of skylights you can choose from:

  • Fixed rooflights
  • Opening rooflights
  • Walk-on rooflights
  • Pyramid rooflights

Fixed Rooflights

Fixed rooflights are the most traditional design you can choose. It’s secured to an upstand on the roof and provides natural daylight for inside your home. For larger areas of glazing, several glass panes can be linked together to produce one large rooflight. With clean, elegant lines and a modern profile, a fixed rooflight maximizes sunlight while offering fantastic thermal performance. Therefore, you can ensure the rooflight does not become a potential heat loss area for your house.

Fixed rooflights are accessible in long and square-shaped designs. These rooflights are the original design for flat roof application. Fixed rooflights incorporate simplistic architectural options in terms of design, but equally as effective as more complicated skylights.

Opening Rooflights

Opening rooflights are a highly effective solution for people seeking increased ventilation and fresh air for living areas inside their home. These lights are electronically operated by remote control to offer properties with lots of daylight and clean air combined. From outside your home, opening rooflights look more traditional than fixed skylights, but the chain-driven actuators within an opening rooflight allow it to open to 400mm.

Operation of an opening skylight provides ventilation for interiors even when you are away from the property. If you install a weather pack, then you can get it fitted with a rain and wind sensor that automatically triggers the closure of the rooflight depending on the weather. Opening skylights also create a point of access to a flat roof, which is perfect for maximizing floor space. A roof access skylight can deliver the same amount of natural daylight as a standard opening rooflight. The structure of an opening skylight can create multiple polyamide thermal breaks that offer outstanding thermal performance.

Walk-on Rooflights

These lights are designed to be worked on consistently. Internal and external walk-on skylights are extremely beneficial of enhancing levels of natural light into living spaces throughout your house. A common use for an external walk-on skylight would be in a garden that acted as a subterranean space. Usually, walk-on skylights sit on an upstand and a gap which is left between the surface of the rooflight.

Pyramid Rooflights

Pyramid rooflights for flat roofs can make a unique architectural statement for any property. A stylish, contemporary alternative to a fixed rooflight, the pyramid design can add a real sense of character to your home. As with majority architectural skylights, a pyramid rooflight can be glazed to a wide range of specifications. These specifications include obscured glazing for privacy and solar control glazing to minimize solar gain and optimal light transmittance. Aluminum framed pyramid skylights you need to take into consideration since they have a greater service life.