Advantages of Adding a Skylight to Any Room

Over the time that you own your home there are going to be times that you are thinking about remodeling. There are many remodeling projects that a homeowner can do, and they range in complexity from as simple as a paint job all the way to adding a brand new room onto the home. Some projects that might have been more complex 20 years ago have become something that is much easier for homeowners to complete without the need of an outside contractor. Adding a skylight to any room in your Orlando home is one of those things. Many years ago, because they were not as user friendly as they are now, adding a skylight might have required a building inspector and contractor to do the work, so that you knew that it was done right. Today, depending on the size of the light, you can install one yourself in a few short hours. We always advise that for your first time adding skylights to a home that you should seek a professional like us.

As long as you have the tools, adding a skylight even to the smallest room in the house is a task that is not that difficult. The reasons that you might want to install a skylight in a room are likely to do with letting natural light into the home to brighten things up a little bit, but there are many other benefits to installing a skylight in your home. Those benefits include reduced energy consumption because you are letting heat into the home, while at the same time you are not counting on artificial lighting which can reduce your use of electricity by as much as 10 percent. The reduction of mold and mildew is also a benefit of installing a skylight in your home. Most diseases that involve the respiratory system come from bacteria and fungus that has built up in damp areas of the home, mostly basements and bathrooms.

Bringing natural light into the home will lower the chances that type of bacteria will grow since the sunlight is one of the best known natural disinfectants. Getting the sun to enter your home through a skylight, or any window for that matter, can bring a healthy dose of vitamin D into your home. Getting enough vitamin D has been known to reduce that chances for diseases like rickets and beriberi. If you are thinking about installing skylights in your business, studies have shown an improvement in employee performance when natural lighting is used in the work environment. When you let the sun into your room with a skylight, the interior also becomes more visually appealing. Interior designers will use as much natural lighting as possible when planning a remodel or decorating event for you. That is because daylight provides better aesthetics, better color, better definition and can be used to highlight certain areas of a room if needed.

Besides all of the reasons that are listed above, there are other health related benefits that come with bringing natural light into a home through a skylight. Natural sunlight is a mood enhancer allowing us to produce vitamin D inside the body. If you have poor lighting in your home, it can lead to headaches and eye fatigue causing depression and illness in some cases. Triggering depression is a known side effect of not having enough natural lighting as well. With bright, natural light coming in through a skylight, your mind is stimulated and keeps your senses alive, keeping you awake which is why it is idea for the bathroom. If you find yourself ill a lot, natural sunlight can help with recovery, lower the blood pressure reducing the stress on your body as well.

The health benefits outweigh the energy efficiency of a skylight in any room of the home, but do not forget that you are saving energy. There are some skylights that are designed to bring in more heat than light and that can help if you have cooler areas of the home that are hard to heat, like an upstairs bathroom. Other skylights are designed to bring in more light than heat, reducing the need to use air conditioning, but allowing you to seen better and get a good dose of vitamin D.