What Is Skylight’s Benefit to the Environment?

Nowadays, people are becoming concerned with taking care of the environment now more than ever. Whether it’s groceries or cars, people are prioritizing the “go green” mindset into their everyday lives. One of the ways people are becoming more green is by installing energy-efficient skylights into their houses. With that said, Clear-Vue Skylights is here to explain how skylights can benefit your home and the environment.

You Receive More Natural Light

When you have a skylight installed, you naturally brighten your room with direct sunlight. By allowing more natural light inside of your home, you will be able to reduce the need to have other artificial sources of light and lower your monthly energy costs. In addition to saving money for yourself, you’re also making your home eco-friendlier.

Furthermore, in previous years, you had to install skylights in rooms that had plenty of space for the installation. Nowadays, there are smaller and tubular skylights such as the Sun Tunnel from Velux Skylights that give you natural lighting in any room.

Lower Cooling Costs

The main concern when it comes to owning a skylight is an excess of heat entering the home. Properly sealed and installed skylights do not allow cold air to leak out of your house. Therefore, sunlight exposure does not have to be a deterrent to cool temperatures. When you have proper placement and glazing for your skylight, it provides sufficient light while resisting additional heat. Furthermore, when you have ventilated skylights, you get a natural cooling option, which opens to allow hot air out and a cool breeze in. Due to warm air rising, the roof makes for a perfect place to release the heat inside of your home. When you have cooler temperatures, it reduces the use of your air conditioner, which results in decreasing your environmental impact.

Installation and Design Makes a Difference

As previously mentioned, proper installation is essential to enjoying the numerous benefits of skylights. However, the design of your skylight also plays a critical role and how your skylight takes in solar energy. Aspects such as the slope, angle, and direction of your skylight all play a pivotal role in how your skylight receives sunlight and absorbs heat.

When you think you have found the perfect location for your skylight and you’re ready to have it installed, you still need to consider the low emissivity and insulated glazing of your skylight. Without the proper glazing and professional installation, your skylight will be more prone to leaking and allowing drafts throughout your home.

The Solar Advantage

Some of the newest ventilated skylights come equipped with a small solar panel. These panels collect power from the sun to charge the battery. Then, the battery is used to power the opening and closing mechanism on the skylight. A sensor then alerts the mechanism of weather conditions and closes it when it starts raining. This feature protects your home from damage for when you’re not home. An experienced skylight installer such as Clear-Vue Skylights can help to make sure your skylight is installed correctly and answer any questions you may have. The solar advantage also allows for sustainable energy to power your ventilated skylight. Therefore, you get the best of modern technology without placing an unnecessary toll on the environment.

For Skylight Installation and Services, Contact Clear-Vue Skylights

Are you looking to add more sunlight and fresh air into your home? Velux solar-powered skylights have a solar panel that can capture sunlight and power it’s operating mechanism. Regardless of the skylight you choose, our team of experienced installers can complete the skylight installation on your behalf. We complete all of our projects like they are our own. Therefore, you can always depend on Clear-Vue Skylights for all your skylight services. Give us a call to find out more information about our installation services today.