Fixed Skylights

Benefits of Fixed Skylights to Enhance Your Home

Are there places in your home that feel small, closed in, and dim no matter what time of day it is or how many lamps you switch on? Fixed skylights may be

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the solution you are looking for. We at Clear-Vue Skylights understand the proper way to utilize these affordable and effective home features for maximum effect. You can reclaim and enjoy every room and hallway in your home when you brighten up the interior with a skylight or two.

What Do Fixed Skylights Do For Your Home?

Natural light is one of the most important aspects you need in your home, providing a plethora of benefits for every individual who either lives there or is visiting.

Save on Electricity

When natural light comes through a fixed skylight, you do not have to rely on electric lamps as often. As long as your skylight is properly sealed and installed with heavy duty materials, precious heating and air conditioning will not leak out.

With the newer models of fixed skylights, everything from the surrounding trim to the glass itself is created for optimum efficiency. We pride ourselves on completing every installation properly so there are no leaks ever. This way, you save money and we support the environment at the same time.

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Boost Your Mood

We at Clear-Vue Skylights understand how dismal it can feel to live in a room without natural light. Dull surroundings in turn, make you feel dull and down. Adding a skylight or two can eliminate dark corners and add energy to your home. This is especially important in the darker winter months when people do not get outside as much ultimately leading to experiencing depressed moods in the colder seasons. Introducing brighter sunlight to your favorite rooms in the home is a way to help combat this.

Maintain Privacy

Some rooms in the house would look and feel better with natural light, but you do not want a large window for reasons of privacy. Bedrooms and bathrooms especially get a great boost of style and comfort with a fixed skylight overhead.

When a skylight is installed on a flat or slanted roof, you get all the benefits without compromising your family’s safety. Sun tunnels offer even more privacy if you have only a small ceiling space for installation.

Besides these excellent reasons to have fixed skylights installed, they can also help houseplants grow to improve interior air quality, help you wake up naturally in the morning, and increase your overall property value.

The Fixed Skylight Installation Process

Clear-Vue Skylights knows you want all of these benefits as soon as possible, which is why we strive to create quick appointments and always keep them. The entire process begins with an in-home inspection followed by a discussion of your options for installation. We take pictures and measurements to help us create the perfect solution for your needs.
After you accept the quote and sign the contract, work begins promptly where we ensure every safety precaution and best practice for skylight installation is followed. From cutting the hole in your roof to the final screw and seal, we always deliver the best service possible where every person who works on your home is a trained professional.

Fixed skylights enhance your home in many ways. In your quest for a brighter, lighter, more comfortable home, these budget-friendly additions might be the perfect solution. Not only do skylights introduce healthy natural light into any room or hallway, but they also improve energy efficiency without compromising your family’s privacy. Contact us at Clear-Vue Skylights to learn more about how these or other skylight products can ultimately benefit your home.