Does the Style of My Roof Affect Skylight Installations?

Skylights are a special addition to your home. Whether you install them in your little ones’ room or the family living room, skylights are a wonderful choice to bring in more natural light. One common question from people who want to install skylights, though, is if they’re compatible with any roof style. 

Can I Install Skylight on Any Roof Style?

Flat Roof

Skylights can be installed on flat roofs, thanks to their versatility. With flat roofs, you’ll have a few additional challenges, such as proper sealing to ensure rainwater doesn’t get trapped, stagnant, or leak through the skylight. Fortunately, there are skylights today that are uniquely made for flat roofs.

While flat roofs may seem easier to work on since there isn’t a slope to worry about, you still want to make sure your skylight is professionally installed to prevent issues from arising in the future and get the most for your money.

Gable Roof

Gable roofs are the ideal roof style for skylights, thanks to the slope of the roof. This makes shedding rainwater easier, and you won’t have to be as concerned with a watertight installation as with a flat roof. That being said, you don’t want to skip on sealing, or you may find leaks around your skylight.

Most roofers will have experience installing skylights on gable roofs, as this is typically the type of roof people want to install skylights on. This means that finding an affordable and experienced professional shouldn’t be hard.

Tile Roof

You may be surprised to know that skylights can be installed on tile roofs too. As with every other roof type, you’ll need to make space for the skylight and mark where it will go. Unlike with other roofing materials, though, it should not be installed by cutting right through the tile. 

With tile roofs, you’ll want to look a little harder for an experienced professional. You don’t want the surrounding tile to be damaged during installation, and once the skylight is in, tiles will need to be fitted around it. You need to find a professional roofer like us with experience to ensure the best results.

Trust Clear-Vue Skylights With Your Skylight Installations

Skylights are a fantastic upgrade to add to your home, but it’s vital that you take the extra steps to ensure they are installed correctly. Whatever you do, never attempt to install them yourself. Instead, find a professional with experience to do it instead. Not only will this prevent accidental and costly damage to your roof, but it will cut down on the risks associated with working on top of your roof. If you’re considering installing skylights in your home, trust only the best company here in Central Florida. Call our Clear-Vue Skylights team, and our experts will ensure you get the best workmanship!