Tips For Controlling Skylight Condensation

Having condensation on your skylights and windows can mean that your home is retaining too much moisture. Even if the interior of your home doesn’t feel damp, that excess moisture can get into places that may actually cause significant damage to your home. Condensation is created when air becomes too saturated with water. The excess water in the air is then dispelled by being condensed back into the water droplets that we refer to as condensation. Improperly installed skylights can add to the humidity levels of your home, and consequently cause problems such as mold and mildew to arise. To fight this damaging humidity, you need to limit the amount of water vapor that is allowed into your home. Installing a double paned, insulated skylight using Low-E glazing can help keep your interior skylight panels warmer, which will vastly cut back on the amount of condensation you may encounter. Additionally, if…