Sun Tunnels Trending NOW

A sun tunnel can be a great alternative to a traditional skylight. Simply put, a sun tunnel is a tube connected from the ceiling to the roof to allow natural light into a room. They provide a significant amount of natural lighting through your roof, while at the same time being more affordable than the alternative, traditional skylight. There are many reasons why installing a sun tunnel is a fantastic idea for your home.

Unlike a skylight, a sun tunnel, ironically, only allows the light of the sun to enter your home, but not the heat. With a skylight you do get a significant amount of lighting, but at the same time you get just as much heat, unless of course you have shades. Sun tunnels can adequately provide substantial lighting for closets and hallways, and even large rooms if you have a few installed. In addition to not allowing heat to enter, sun tunnels are significantly cheaper than other skylights. Most are under $500, making them affordable to almost any home owner.

The installation of the skylight can take up to a few days, depending on how involved the job is. A sun tunnel almost never takes longer than a half a day to install. This saved time will cut down on labor cost, as well as time spent with a giant uncovered hole in your roof. Sun tunnels are trending right now in starter and medium price level homes. If a skylight is a bit out of your price range, take a sun tunnel into consideration before completely ruling this amazing home addition out.