DIY Kind of Guy? Don’t Use Tar to Fix a Skylight Leak!

Maybe you know a little bit about roof work, and think hey, I can save a buck if I repair my skylight leak myself. Tread with caution here. It’s very, very easy to cause more damage than good when trying to use roofing tar to seal up a skylight leak. Before you try to fix the problem yourself, contact your skylight installer for a quote on the repair. Who knows, it could end up being a cheap fix! It’s a natural instinct to want to apply as much of something as possible to seal over a hole or a leak. The more protection the better, right? Nope, not right. Especially with roof tar, if you start to apply even a small amount more than is needed you will likely need to replace the shingles that have been tarred over. This is much more labor intensive, and expensive than hiring a professional…