Skylights Can Get Rid Of Your Winter Sadness

A lot of people think of summer as a time with lots of productivity, movement, and excitement. So when it comes to Fall and Winter, why do we start to slow down so much? The answer is simple, during the summer there is lots of sunlight, and come fall, days are shorter and the sun seems to disappear.

During winter, days get colder and shorter, instinctively, our bodies want to stay warm which results in less sun exposure during the Winter months. A lack of vitamin D, which our bodies create from the sun, has shown to lead to mood changes and a drop in productivity level. Additionally, not getting enough vitamin D has been linking to some medical issues such as loss of bone density as well as a higher cancer risk.

This being said, a skylight is the perfect way to get some rays while remaining warm in your home! Once you install your residential skylight, you will begin to notice a substantial increase in sunlight in your home, but also a decrease in energy costs. You will be surprised how much less you use your lights when you have natural sunlight beaming into your room.

Your skylight will add aesthetics to your home, but also aid in keeping your family happy and healthy. If you have any questions about more benefits of having a skylight, feel free to contact us!