Learn about Low-E

As a homeowner, you’re likely always looking for ways to cut back on energy costs. Installing a skylight, while adding unsurpassed ambience to a roof creates a portal for sunlight, and heat, to enter your home. Low E coatings on glass are becoming more and more popular among window buyers and skylight buyers alike.

So what is low E exactly? Putting it simply, low E is basically a very thin layer on the outside of a glass window or skylight that aim to keep the heat on the same side of the window from which it came. Depending on your location will determine what type of low E glass is right for your home. For example, if you live in Boston, the goal would be to keep hot air in, in order to cut down on heating costs. In Florida though, the goal is to keep the heat out, cutting down on the generally high cost of cooling a home.

Low E glass not only helps to regulate the temperature in your home, but also keeps out harmful ultraviolet light. It’s common knowledge that UV light can be detrimental to your skin, often leading to skin cancer, but it is also known to fade fabrics over time. With a light shining through the same window every day, on the same furniture, it’s likely that within a few short years your couch, your carpet, your rugs, will all be faded and no longer useable in your home.

Low E is just one of many specialty glasses that will do so much more than provide you a portal to the outside world. Windows are evolving, and with them your home can as well.