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Skylight Repair

It’s said that there is no skylight that doesn’t leak. This holds true over time. But what happens if something happens and your skylight, and you need repair? You will most likely need professional assistance. Skylights can be made of various materials, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses. After a long period of time though, even the strongest, well built skylight will need repairs.

The most common skylight repair issue you will run into is a leak. Most leaks are caused by an issue with the flashing. The flashing is the part of the skylight that directs water down away from the skylight. Many leaks of this kind don’t happen overnight. Generally, skylight leaks take a while to form. This is why it is key to get your skylight inspected on a regular basis to help combat a more expensive fix in the future. Other leaks can appear due to cracks in your skylight. In Florida we experience hurricane season at full force. If you currently have a skylight made of glass you should consider changing it to something impact or shatter resistant to prevent injury from a glass break.

Some skylights open and close a few inches to allow for increased air flow in the room. These skylights are obviously more prone to leaks than those that are designed to never open. Although having the option of an opening and closing skylight can be appealing, if you commit to this you also need to commit to more frequent skylight inspections. In addition to leaks, you can also run into motor and gear problems with skylights that move. These are prone to getting jammed, and without proper maintenance can end up costing you lots of money in repairs.

Some repair issues come not from a malfunction, but simply from not cleaning your skylight frequently. Since skylights are more often than not very hard to reach, regular cleanings are skipped. Many companies bundle skylight cleaning with other services offered for a small extra fee. Just like with anything else, if you allow dirt and grime to build up on a surface its bound to not function at its full potential. Many skylight repair issues can be prevented, or put off for years with proper maintenance. While you can’t really stop a leak from ever happening to your skylight, you can greatly extend the life of it by caring for it and inspecting it on a regular basis.