curb vs mounted skylight

Curb and Deck Mounted Skylights. What’s the Difference?

Other than being a beautiful addition to the roof of your home, a skylight can bring other benefits such as letting in natural light, and keeping your home warmer during the colder seasons of the year. Before you dive straight into hiring skylight installers in Orlando though, there are some important details to iron out first. 

There are two types of skylights available – curb mounted skylights and deck mounted skylights. Knowing what sets them apart will help you make the right decision for your home.

Differences Between Curb and Deck Mounted Skylights

Curb Mounted Skylights

For roofs that have slopes with angles of less than 14° or 3:12, go for curb mounted skylights. This is the most common type found everywhere, and requires a box structure for the entire setup. 

In general, we are looking at a box in the 2×6 range or larger. Construction lumber is set on edge and then attached to the roof deck. This is followed by the box being flashed in additional roofing material to ensure waterproofing. 

In terms of aesthetics, curb mounted skylights are designed to sit over the box like a lid. This particular design is useful because you can replace the skylight without the need to flash again, which cuts down on labor costs and time needed for repairs. Homeowners can also decide on custom sizes of the skylight.

However, the higher profile due to the additional curb means that there is decreased energy efficiency. This is the result of insulation that usually does not go beyond the 1½” thickness of the curb.

Deck Mounted Skylights

For slopes that have angles equal or greater than 14° or 3:12, you will need to go for deck mounted skylights. A more modern take on the traditional skylight, such installations are lower in profile and thus increase energy efficiency due to its proximity to the roof itself. 

Rather than having a curb housing, the skylight itself is the curb. For different roof sizes and types, manufacturers have already come up with integral flashing kits to make the process easy and fuss-free.

When it comes to the aesthetics, deck mounted skylights are certainly better looking visually. The lower profile does not stand out on the roof, maintaining the cohesive look of the exterior of the house. For those living inside the home, the deck mounted skylight allows the light in with increased energy efficiency, making for a more comfortable living space. 


No matter which skylight you go for, you are in for some pros and cons. The benefits come in the introduction of natural light into whichever room the skylight is in. This can help brighten up spaces and make the room look bigger, plus, you can count on increased ventilation for spaces that can be too humid.

Additionally, heating up the home can be made easier with skylights, especially for places in the colder regions. It can help homeowners save money on utility bills in the long run.

However, you do have to note that increased exposure to sunlight can cause fading and damage to both furniture and flooring. And the last thing you need is an improperly installed skylight. This can result in heat loss or even leaks.


With the right installation, deck and curb mounted skylights are a delight, regardless of which one you pick. If you’re in doubt over which one will better suit your home, don’t hesitate to get the advice of our skylight experts.