Skylight Leak Prevention

It’s inevitable that your skylight will leak at one point or another if proper prevention techniques aren’t taken. Your roof is naturally exposed to copious amounts of heat, moisture, hail, falling tree limbs, and everything else nature has to throw at you. This will create weak spots in your skylight and regular inspections should be done to keep leaks at a minimum. When checking your skylight for leaks you first want to be sure that you look at all corners, joints, flashing, exposed screw heads and even the roofing that encompasses the skylight for any sign of a potential leak. You are going to want to press down firmly on your deck to check for rot, if everything is how it should be you can proceed with the sealing of any potential leak areas. Use silicone caulk when going over the leaks, and be sure to start from the top and work your way down, the repeat the same process on all sides of your skylight. When either attempting to seal leaks yourself, or hiring a roofer to do it for you, bear in mind that leaks are tricky, it will likely take more than one attempt to fully seal the area.