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In homes all across Orlando skylights from Central Florida Skylights Inc. are opening up new potential for interior decorating. Layered lighting fashions bring natural sunlight into the forefront of fashion by providing additional ambient light to dark rooms. The palettes for the season are bright and contrasting, increasing the need to flood rooms with additional light. Simultaneously, the concern with eco-friendliness is leading home owners to use the skylight as a way to add heating to the home with complete energy efficiency.

Green design is touching every area of interior design today. It’s not fashionable to use air conditioning throughout the home. Home owners are renovating their houses to reduce their carbon footprint by adding a skylight and solar panels. This is used in spaces that have an abundance of natural wood, bamboo and stone.

The season’s palette is vibrant and bright. To replace the neutrals of last season, orange, green and red are being added to bring interest to backlashes, furniture and floor treatments. These shades require abundant light, and natural sunlight is preferable. The skylight satisfies this need perfectly.

The trendy LED lighting that’s being used to reduce utility bills and carbon footprint is in need for additional warm lighting from sunlight. This is why windows are being increased, window treatments are sheer and a skylight is capturing all the added warm lighting the room needs. The skylight adds an architectural feature to the interior of the house and is used to light darker kitchens and bathrooms.

The skylight and window don’t work in the same way. When used together, they add layered sunlight. A skylight gathers the winter’s high angled rays while limiting the low angled light of the summer months. Windows work in a very different way.

A skylight is particularly prone to overheating a room when it’s placed in a sloping roof. Built in treatments are thus an imperative inclusion in such cases. To avoid the stylistic mistakes many make when adding a skylight, generous sizes need to be added. Anything less than 18 inches squared will create too much work for too little impact. The aesthetic of small installations is also unattractive, especially in larger rooms.

The spa bathroom is very fashionable at the moment. There’s little as effective as a skylight at creating this effect. When one is placed directly over the bathtub by a Central Florida Skylights Inc.specialist and combined with large windows, the effect is that of an outdoor spa.

For those in Orlando skylights are an important part of the house’s exterior architecture and should be placed by an experienced installer from Central Florida Skylights Inc. for the best effect.

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